Friday, May 21, 2010


See you this weekend at ĠestFest:-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ċentru Tbexbix - Bormla

'The bus came late so I thought I missed it. Looks like I wasn't late, I was there just in time. We did the snake, cat, boat, tree, lotus, bird, candle and the broken candle. We ate crackers, cheese, ircotta, spaghetti, tomatoes, sweetcorn, sauce and carrots. We did a windmill. We enjoyed it!' - Kayleigh

This is what Kayleigh wrote on the coach on our way back to school! The snake, cat, boat, lotus are all different Yoga positions that we learnt today at the Ċentru 'Tbexbix' in Bormla. Apart from the Yoga session we learnt about the nice country of Latvia since one of the teachers was from Latvia. We had a presentation about 'Global warming' and what we could do to help Planet Earth. At the end we saw a short presentation about the importance of eating at least five portions of fruit a day.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Athletics Event

Today we went off to Marsa where we had a number of stations all related to athletics. We practised jumping, throwing and running. Take a look at these photos:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Ma, grazzi ħafna talli titmani, tnaddafli l-ħwejjeġ u tieħu ħsiebi. Ma grazzi. Yanzelye.
Ma grazzi talli tieħu ħsiebi. Nixtieq ngħidlek Happy Mothers Day. Inħobbok, Jessica .
Grazzi ma ta' kull ma tagħmel miegħi u minn qalbi nixtieq ngħidlek grazzi minn qalbi! Happy Mother's day! Shelly
Dear mum thanks for everything you do for me. Love you. From your daughter Yasmine (Ladybird).
Dear mum, I wish you a Happy Mother's day. I hope you have a happy day, love, your daughter Kryssa.
Thank you mummy for all your help and care. I really love you! I like it when you buy me things and go for walks with Pugsy our dog. You are always there for me even when you are far away. Happy Mother`s day! :-) Kayleigh
Happy Mothers' day mum , I love you mum! You are a great mum, from Mariah. I love you so much!
I love you mum, Happy Mother's Day from Kimberly Zarb 4.2
Thank you for everything you do for me. YOU ARE THE, BEST MUM EVER ! HAPPY MOTHER 'S DAY. LOVE FROM YOUR SON OWEN Muscat.
Mum jien inħobbok ħafna. Sorry ta' meta inkun imqareb. Jien nixtieq li dan il-Mother's Day ikun ġid għalik. Aħna nixtiequ natuk din l-istarfish. Grazzi ta' meta tieħu ħsiebi. Thank you Francesco.
Dear Mum, I am sorry when I make you angry. Thank you for forgiving me Mum but I know that you are doing your job. I will try to behave better in the future. I am working to make you happier not angrier. I love you Mum xxxxxx love from Daniel.
Dear Mom, I'm very sorry when I make you mad but from now on I will try to behave more and this is something to prove it. I love you so much. Happy Mother's day. Love from SeanXXXX
Mum, I love you so much. I'm sorry when I did something bad. But I know that you still love me Happy Mother's Day. From Owen Cassar.
Ma grazzi talli rabbejtni sewwa. Ma, nixtieq nibatlek din l-ittra biex nurik kemm inħobbok. Xylon
I love you so much and sorryyyyyy. xxxxx love from Brady
Sorry ma talli noqgħod imqareb id-dar u kull meta niġġieldu jien u oħti. Happy Mother's Day Christian
Dear Mum, I'm sorry if I didn't behave, I wish I could be like normal kids and I love you. I will always love you. I promise that I am going to behave. Love Dre
To my lovely mum and a nice lady. Thank you for taking care of me and my other sisters. I will always be by your side. Happy Mother's Day and have a nice holiday. From your daughter Chloe
Grazzi mami, inti tħobbni ħafna u tieħu ħsiebi ħafna - Nevise.
Benoit, Andre, Owen Abdilla, Clayton and Kyle too would love to wish their mother a Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Load of Rubbish - Musical

A big THANKS goes to all of you who helped to make this year's prize day musical another enjoyable event! May the message of this year's Prize Day sink in and let's all work together to make a better place.

"Oh it's never too late to be an eco-warrior, if you will only try!"
"We're all in this together,
'cause everyone's to blame,
so take responsibility,
don't turn away,
don't make the children of the future pay!"
"So make a vow, recycle now......"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cindy and the football boots

Cindy loved football. Cindy had two step brothers called Duncan and Dean. Cindy did not have any football boots. Her step brothers didn't want her to play because they knew she was better than them. Fay, her neighbour, helped her by giving her boots. This story is like Cindirella's fairytale. - typed by Yasmine.
Drawing by Owen Muscat